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Continue from previous posting Camping at Ferne Clyffe State Park

More photos from our camping at Ferne Clyffe Park in Southern Illinois.

As part of the activities, we would hike around the park early in morning after our Fajr prayer. (Standing L-R) Che Wahab, Karim (me), Rashid and TJ Jailani while Yazid and Burhan sitting. Yazid is now a Professor at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (former KUSTEM – transferred from UPM Serdang). Despite comiing from Negeri Sembilan he is now comfortable speaking his wife’s Trengganuspeak.

Slow flowing stream is just a few yards from our tents. (L-R) Rashid, Burhan (seated), TJ Jailani (standing), ?, Wahab (hat), Yazid.

Rashid is the only non-Malaysian that always joins us in usrah, various gatherings and outings. As the sole Malay from Singapore among the hundreds of Malays at Carbondale he mixed well among us. The last I spoke to him was in early 1990s while traveling to Singapore. Unfortunately, with my tight schedule then we only managed to spoke over the phone.

Posing on the log (L-R) – Rashid, TJ, myself (hidden) Burhan, Yazid and Wahab catching up. Che Wahab Che Man is now the Principal (Assistant?) of MRSM in Sarawak. I last met him after the last Raya Puasa prayer at Masjid Putih Kuala Terengganu.

Dinner time in front of our tent. Team work is always being tested and preparing for dinner is one of them.

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Now that it is summer, it reminds me of one of the favorite things that we do together during this season was to go camping.

Recently Wan Burhan shared his photos of our camping at the Ferne Clyffe State Park.

Sitting around the campfire enjoying our coffee – L-R Jailani (TJ), Che Wahab, Yazid, Rashid, Karim (me) and Burhan.

During the day we would be enjoying the beautiful scenery around the park – (L-R) Rashid, Wahab (with the hat), Burhan (sitting at the back), ? (front) and Karim (me).

(L-R) – ?, Rashid, Jailani, Burhan, Wahab and Yazid (standing)

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