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Ramadan Mubarak to fellow Muslims to all SIU-Carbondale alumni. Almost 30 years has passed. And now that Ramadan is again been celebrated in the long summer days.

With the Eid mood coming, it is quite nostalgic to view the photos of the Eid celebrations – the Solatul Eid and the qurban that we did together. Thanks to Wan Burhan for sharing the photos.

Back row (L-R): ?, Megat Hisham, Mohd Ayub Amirdad, Abdul Rashid Hussien, Che Wahab Che Man, Haji Sulaiman Haji Osman, Wan Burhan Wan Ismail, Mohd Hussin Mohd Ali, A. Karim Omar, Adnan Alamasi Front (L-R): ?, Ghazali, Wan Ibrahim Wan Long, Abdul Rauff Sarail, Jani Majuni, Mohd Shukri Azam, Osman Mokhtar El-Mubarak, Tageldin As-Sanosi, Wan Abdul Azim Wan Abdullah


(L-R) Abdul Rashid Hussien, Che Wahab Che Man, Wan Burhan Wan Ismail, A. Karim Omar, Mohd Yazid Md Saman


Below; Qurban is almost a must and a new experience to some when it comes for the Eidul Adha (Raya Haji). Seen here are Wan Burhan dan Haji Sulaiman being helped by Mohd Saupi Pauzi. And does it look like Megat Hisham at the background? I wonder who is that shirtless brother.

I have still some missing names – please help me in identifying them.

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To us from Malaysia, coming from hot and humid weather all the year round and never ever will see snow in our lifetime (if we never got the chance to study overseas), it was one of the most beautiful experience we had every time it snowed in Carbondale.

That would be the time we will put extra layer of thick clothing [even though sometime it was not that cold] covering every part of our body. Everyone of us got the chance of having to play snow for the very first time. How wonderful.

There were a few occasions when SIU had to be closed as many of the roads were not passable. But then for us it will be time to wander around the campus to enjoy the knee deep snow or sometime up to our waist level.

It is so memorable that we would take these opportunities to capture forever in photo shots of various locations, posing as many shots and playing childishly.

Unfortunately, those shots supposed to be captured for future nostalgic story telling to others were not kept properly and either lost or damaged by our humid weather back home. With working up our career and photos kept all over in kampung somewhere and moving from one house to another in keeping up with hectic life – we lost the those memorable shots that we intend to keep.

And that was what happened to me. Many of those photos were gone, lost or damaged.

Here are some of those that I managed to salvaged. Some had to be digitally doctored else the colors were so bad that you wonder what season they were shot – snow turned out yellowish!

Please share you photos here. Send to me your scanned photos.

With Shukri Azam – who has the most sophisticated camera among us.

The childish play … and we enjoyed it

Was this near the Student Center?

By the little “forest” next to the Student Center.

With Che Wahab Che Man … pretending it was a waist deep!

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